Ouch! Boys Lose Too Much in Circumcision Slip

Updated 3:22 PM ET June 9, 2000

ANKARA (Reuters) - Health workers carrying out a mass circumcision on more than 200 children in western Turkey cut off more than they should have when they got to the last two on Friday.

"Whether it was because of their anatomy or through carelessness, too much was cut off," Anatolian news agency quoted Manisa health service chief Ismet Nardal as saying.

Doctors in the hospital where the two-day circumcision marathon was carried out immediately operated on the pair to try to rectify the error.

"The children's stitched organs have held, the operation was successful," Nardal said. "They appear to be alright, but it will only become apparent later if they have lost their sexual function."

Young boys are circumcised in overwhelmingly Muslim Turkey before they reach puberty, according to Islamic tradition.

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