BOSTON CHANNEL, Boston, Massachusetts, Tuesday, March 8, 2005.

Hospital Gives Babies Too-High Tylenol Doses

Two babies are recovering after receiving overdoses of painkillers.

NewsCenter 5's David Boeri reported that one infant was discharged from Brigham and Women's Hospital on Tuesday and the other will go home Wednesday.

The infants allegedly received 10 times the prescribed dose of the painkiller Tylenol after circumcision.

Doctors administered an antidote to help prevent any liver damage that could result from an overdose.

On Tuesday afternoon, hospital spokesman Peter R. Brown released a statement that read, "We have expressed our apologies and continue to offer our support. Brigham and Women's Hospital has begun a thorough investigative process to determine what happened."

The state Department of Public Health said it plans a full investigation into the incidents.

(File created 10 March 2005)