BUSINESS DAY, South Africa, Saturday, 07 December 2002.

"Errant surgeon will be found"

By Madoda Dyonana

Health MEC Bevan Goqwana said he would not rest until another wanted ingcibi (traditional surgeon) has been arrested following the death of an initiate in Libode in the Eastern Cape.

The surgeon allegedly circumcised a 17-year-old youth who later died on arrival at St Barnabas Hospital as a result of complications. His name could not be released yesterday as the authorities were still locating his family.

Goqwana said his department had launched a joint operation with police and traditional leaders to control the situation.

"We will work hard with the team and ensure all the perpetrators are brought to book. We want to find out whether there is a third force activity which seeks to undermine our cultural practice," he said.

Departmental spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said four other initiates aged 15 to 20 were likely to suffer amputations.

The wanted ingcibi will face charges of culpable homicide and practicing circumcision without a permit.

This week Queenstown police launched a hunt for another ingcibi wanted for the deaths of two initiates at Thornhill.

—Daily Dispatch

(File prepared 7 December 2002)