CIN CompuBulletin
Circumcision Information Network 
Volume 2, Number 24, 10 July 1995

This weekly bulletin is a project of CIN, the Circumcision Information
Network.  Its purpose is to educate the public about and to protect children
from genital mutilation.  Readers are encouraged to copy and redistribute it,
and to contribute written material.  --Rich Angell, Editor.

A Human Rights Research Project of Ecumenics International
NEWS RELEASE        FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION (Thanks to typist George Hill)
1 July 1995, SOUTHFIELDS, NEW YORK USA--As of 27 June 1995 the Ad Hoc Working
Group of International Experts on Violations of Genital Mutilation (subnamed
"Int'l VGM") officially began its four year tenure in response to the United
Nations' "Convention on The Rights of the Child" (Article 24.3): "States
Parties shall take all effective and appropriate measures with a view to
abolishing traditional practices prejudicial to the health of children." and
to Chapter 12, B 12.13 of the "Programme of Action" of the International
Conference on Population and Development (IPCD) calling for international
research projects concentrating on "genital mutilation, where practiced."  

The Int'l VGM's prime objective is to generate local, national, regional, and
global resource-sharing and establish worldwide databases on human rights
infractions of genital mutilation, erroneously termed male and female
circumcision.  Genital Mutilation is a traditional practice of physiological
torture and psychological trauma destroying reproductive integrity and sexual
health with  significant risks of death.  In late 1994, a global call for
nominations was issued by Ecumenics International (a non-profit,
humanitarian, non-governmental organization) to assure equal and equitable
distribution of resource sharing and global representation on violations of
genital mutilation which affects no less than 15 million children each year.

Globally, genital mutilation affects over 13.3 million males per year; North
America annually tallies 1.25 million male neonate victims (one every 26
seconds).  Just over two million girls and young women throughout Africa are
mutilated each year (one every 12 seconds).  The boy-child and men constitute
84% of the global total of genital mutilation.  Unfounded by medical, social,
traditional, or belief justifications, genital mutilation violates at least
18 UN human rights documents.  With well over USD $250,000,000 invested in
genital mutilation, and the proliferation of transnational corporations
trafficking in amputated child body organs in a multi-billion dollar
business, the international community seeks to review the literature on
genital mutilation. and consider corrective action as necessary for social
development.  The Int'l VGM has appealed to the UN's Population Fund (UNFPA),
host agency of IPCD, and has received its cooperation for monitoring of the
working groups activities and needs as they pertain to the UN.  The Int'l VGM
has members and affiliates in all regions of the world serving as local
contacts and coordinating bodies.

Requests for additional information must be submitted in writing to: Int'l
VGM, P. O. Box 197, Southfields, NY 10975.

Contributed by Barry Ellsworth,
Following Up On 22 June's Story of the Death of Demetrius Manker:
Unfortunately, personal injury settlements usually involve a guarantee by the
plaintiff that they will not go public with their story and thus further
discredit the doctor or hospital.  This is why we have only sketchy
information about most of the seriously botched circumcisions that have ended
in law suits.  In this case, I'm not even sure why the lawyer agreed to the
interview in the first place.  He may have thought that I was a bigger fish
than I am, and hoped that the threat of exposure on night line or some other
program would drive the settlement up.  Or he wanted to "rehearse" his client
for the final courtroom testimony.  He was a rather slick fellow, and not at
all interested in condemning circumcision as a practice.   After the
interview, he offered to pay me for a copy of the tape, which would of course
have established it as his property.  I refused.  I sent him a free dub and a
release form, which he had led me to believe that his client would sign.  I
never got either back, and repeated calls to his office were not returned.  I
didn't want to blow the interview by insisting on a release in advance,
because I knew I was lucky to get it in the first place.  Next time I'll be

Contributed by Christopher P., London, England
As one who suffered the fashionable mutilation of neonate circumcision in the
mid-1940s in Britain, I have always resented the fact that, far from being a
necessary procedure, my circumcision was wholly unnecessary and has left me,
because it was performed by a very junior doctor, with  a penis so tightly
cut that  a full erection is very uncomfortable, with a scar that looks as if
the operation were done with a pair of pinking scissors and which wanders up
and down the shaft, with a glans which is pitted from infections contracted
(my mother told me) whilst I was in diapers from which a foreskin would have
protected me (so my father, a  doctor, told me) and with a glans so
insensitive that I have greater  sensitivity in my finger-tips.  In my
mid-30s I finally plucked up courage (because for many years I feared further
butchery to a penis which caused me so much distress from its appearance and
lack of proper function) to have an broad adhesion between the glans and the
shaft, caused solely by the circumcision and its aftermath, removed:  what
 struck me was that for a few weeks the part of the glans so exposed to touch
and to the sensation of my wife's tongue and vagina was intensely more
profound than I had believed possible.  For the first time oral sex from my
wife was something that I could actually feel in a small part of my glans.
 In due course the abrasion of clothing reduced that part of the glans to the
same grey, insensitive piece of flesh as the rest.

Having glimpsed for myself, no matter in so small a part of the glans and
 for such a brief time, how life might have been had I not been mutilated as
a victim of medical fashion, my resentment and my sense of loss and loathing
increased and deepened.  At the age of 50 I still harbour bitter anger
towards my mother for giving into the blandishments of the doctors.  In
recent treatment for alcoholism, this anger and the sense of being different
from the rest of my family, all of whom were not circumcised, were seen as
being  major causes of the feelings and lack of self-worth which lead me to
abuse alcohol.  My sex-life with my wife has been, to her great distress,
infrequent for most of our marriage because it was for me rarely a source of
physical pleasure;  I am now, and have been for some 7 years, almost totally
impotent.  I yearn to know, with a sense that I cannot convey in words, how
it must feel to have a foreskin and to feel not only intercourse but even
simple actions as urinating with the foreskin in its normal position covering
 the glans.  For myself, I would favour legislation banning all circumcision
unless it were medically imperative to do it or it was requested by an adult
 on himself.  I am aware that that would not find favour with the people
(Muslims and Jews) who circumcise as a matter of religious belief.  But  it
seems to me profoundly wrong to subject an infant to the pain (it is carried
out without anaesthetic), risks of complications, mutilation, and the ruin of
his sexual enjoyment and even of his sexual life in the name of a religion
 which he might grow up to reject.  To those who cry that such a ban
interferes with religious freedom, I would reply that there are religious
practices which a civilised world now rejects, such as burning heretics at
the stake, and there would be nothing to stop a man of his own volition
deciding that he wished to be circumcised for his freely chosen religious
beliefs;  what is repugnant is that an infant is put through this pain,
mutilation and future sexual dysfunction to a greater or lesser extent
without any say in the matter or any choice in the future being left to him.
 Proponents of neonate circumcision point to the fact that there are
decisions such as choice of school which parents make for their children, as
justifying taking the particular decision to circumcise.  I consider that to
be a false argument, since even a child who has suffered from poor schooling
as a result of a poor parental choice of school can as an adult remedy that
deficit by adult education.  Circumcision is both deeply harmful and in
practical terms irreversible.

Incidentally, my wife contracted cervical cancer some years ago, despite my
being circumcised;  so she and I do not even have that so-called "advantage"
to console me for my mutilation.

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION call NOCIRC, the National Organization of
Circumcision Information Resource Centers at (415) 488-9883, fax (415)
488-9660.  Ask about the resource provider nearest you.  For written
information, write NOCIRC, PO Box 2512, San Anselmo, CA 94979,  with SASE
and/or donation if possible.

CIN Compubulletin
Circumcision Information Network 
Volume 2, Number 29, 7 September 1995

The purpose of this weekly bulletin is to educate the public about and to
protect children and other non-consenting persons from genital mutilation.
 Readers are encouraged to copy and redistribute it, and to contribute
written material.  --Rich Angell, Editor.

Contributed by Carla Miller, Founder/Director 
7480 Gravois
Dittmer, MO   63023
Phone/Fax  (314) 274-ARMS
(Thanks to typist Al Fields,

During these past 14 years, I've talked with numerous other women with
stories similar to mine.  I realize now that there are THOUSANDS -- perhaps
even millions -- of women in this country who have been mutilated by their
doctors.  One nurse told me, "They do this to women all the time; they just
don't tell them about it." One woman told me that she has had 18 operations
in an unsuccessful attempt to repair her original surgery.  One woman's
stitches keep falling apart.  One has to stand to urinate.  Another has to
wear diapers.  Another can't keep her feces out of her vagina.  Doctors
performing "repair" operations on several of one surgeon's victims found
hearts and his initials carved on their insides.

Many of these women now live as virtual recluses.  I've wondered how many
have committed suicide.

live -- I cannot die in peace -- knowing that doctors are doing to others
what they did to me and are getting away with it - without doing everything I
can to stop it.

I have founded PATIENTS IN ARMS to provide emotional support for victims of
this deliberate, premeditated, intentional surgical mutilation of patients by
their doctors; to document the physical and psychological damage and
suffering it causes; to expose the greed, power lust, contempt, arrogance,
indifference, hatred of women and pathological compulsion of the doctors who
do it; to expose the collusion/conspiracy between state medical boards and
doctors that covers it up and helps perpetuate it; to force state medical
boars to do their job by immediately investigating complaints about it and
taking swift, firm action against it; to forewarn and forearm the general
public by making them aware of it; to help enact laws against it; to see that
those laws are vigorously enforced to prevent it; and to SEVERELY punish
doctors who continue to do it.

I want to know WHY doctors mutilate women.  I want to know WHY they mutilate
just money.

I want to know if the percentage of doctors who cut genitals is higher among
doctors whose own genitals have been cut.  Is male infant circumcision at the
bottom of all this cutting? IS IT?

I would especially like to contact other women who have been patients of Dr.
Masters, and women who have consulted him about surgical "repair."

I welcome calls, correspondence, questions and comments from anyone who has
been the victim of obstetrical or gynecological mutilation or any other kind
of mutilation, malpractice, conspiracy or fraud -- INCLUDING THE AMPUTATION

I care.  I understand.  I'll listen.  I'll help any way I can.

Editor's note:  The beginning of Carla's astounding and moving testimony was
accidentally erased.  Readers who wish to read the rest of the story are
encouraged to contact her at the above address.

Contributed by John Shanahan of Australia, thanks to typist George Hill,, original reporter unknown
ADELAIDE, South Australia, Tuesday, 15 August  1995

DOCTORS face being sued for assault by circumcised men regardless of whether
their parents gave consent to the operation.

The Australian Medical Association's medico-legal committee is seeking legal
advice after a report by the Queensland Law Review Commission warned parental
consent may be no defense.

The success of any future lawsuit may hinge on whether there was a medical
need for the operation, rather than it being performed as a social or
religious rite.

A strict interpretation of the law could leave doctors liable to be sued for
damages for assault, as lack of medical benefit may negate parental consent.

While a damages claim may appear unlikely, the AMA's national vice-president,
Dr. Keith Woollard, said when it comes to lawsuits against doctors "the
imagination knows no bounds".

He said doctors may also face being sued for lost of sexual pleasure, in
light of new theories that lack of foreskin reduces sexual sensation.

The AMA's present policy is to discourage circumcision.

Contributed by Steven Svoboda
My solo performance piece, treating my circumcision and also addressing
contacts I've had with the military, continues to be performed.  I got back a
few hours ago from Dance New England Dance Camp in Poland Spring, Maine,
where I performed to an audience of about 200 and received amazing
feedback.  Unfortunately, I must report that a lot of the men seemed to numb
out on the issue and the bulk of comments came from women.  Nevertheless, at
least 50 people were apparently affected and informed by the piece.

The next performance is scheuduled for September 30, 1995 at 9:00 PM at Mad
Magda's Cafe, 579 Hayes Street, San Francisco.  Call (415) 824-8230 or e-mail
to for more info.

Contributed by Warren Smith of New Jersey
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change
the world.  Indeed it is the only thing that ever has."  Margaret Mead.

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION call NOCIRC, the National Organization of
Circumcision Information Resource Centers at (415) 488-9883, fax (415)
488-9660.  Ask about the resource provider nearest you.  For written
information, write NOCIRC, PO Box 2512, San Anselmo, CA 94979,  with SASE
and/or donation if possible.

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