THE EAST AFRICAN STANDARD, Nairobi, Kenya, 15 August 2002.

Drama As 'Cut' Youth Hits Back

There was drama at a circumcision ceremony in Bungoma District when an initiate attacked and injured a traditional circumciser.

The traditional surgeon fled for dear life as the 18-year-old youth turned violent immediately after his foreskin was chopped off.

The incident occurred at Kisioyi village, West Bukusu location, in Bumula Division, on Tuesday morning.

The youth, who was among the oldest in the on-going Kolongolo circumcision group, was, however, overpowered and rushed to Bungoma District Hospital where nurses operated on the skin.

However, three other youths who were together with the victim, stood firmly for the initiators.

Uncles of the victim had to use huge rungus to scare off the youth who attacked the circumciser with a stick.

At the hospital, relatives had to combine forces to force the initiate onto a bed before operating on him as he cried loudly.

Elders said the incident was shameful to the community and expressed fear that the boy may never marry in his life because no girl would accept a man who has no bravery.

(File prepared 24 August 2002)