MAIL AND GUARDIAN, Johannesburg, South Africa, Sunday, 26 June 2005.


'Surgeon' uses one knife to circumcise 28 boys

Johannesburg, South Africa
26 June 2005 07:40

A traditional circumcision surgeon was arrested and 28 young boys rescued from his house in Libode in the Eastern Cape on Sunday, a spokesperson for the provincial health department said.

"The suspect allegedly used one unsterilised knife to circumcise all the boys," Sizwe Khuphelo said.

The initiates, aged between 14 and 17, were treated at St Barnabes hospital in Libode.

Khupelo said five boys had died at various circumcision schools in the Eastern Cape since the start of initiation season two weeks ago.

The department has closed down 20 illegal initiations schools and arrested 14 traditional surgeons since the start of the season.

"Since Friday we have arrested nine traditional surgeons and traditional nurses," Khupelo said.

"We also rescued more than 80 boy since Friday at various schools."

Khupelo said the community apprehended a traditional surgeon who circumcised more than 40 boys using one blade.

He said one surgeon was arrested on Friday in Port St Johns.

Another was arrested in Libode on Wednesday. The arrests are part of the continuing clampdown on initiation schools in the province.

"The department is using 420 officials around the province to monitor the situation in the province," Khupelo said. - Sapa

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