NEW VISION, Kampala, Uganda, 29 May 2003

Bush, Mkapa Send Messages

New Vision (Kampala)
May 28, 2003
Posted to the web May 28, 2003

By Vision Reporter

President Yoweri Museveni on Monday received a special message from US President George W. Bush.

The message was delivered by Bush's special envoy, Mr. Weldon, who is also the representative of Florida in the American Congress. He was accompanied by Congressman Webster.

Weldon hailed Museveni for his contribution towards sensitising Ugandans about the HIV/AIDS scourge. He said Museveni's campaign against AIDS had dramatically lowered the number of people living with AIDS in Uganda, State House said.

He said the US had earmarked money to be used in a number of African countries in the crusade against AIDS.

"President Museveni told his visitor that after studying the main channels through which AIDS spreads, he designed a comprehensive strategy and embarked on a nation wide campaign to sensitise the public and create awareness over such channels.

He said Ugandans were mobilised to guard against pre-marital sex while the medical practitioners were expected to ensure that only uncontaminated blood is used in transfusions," the state House statement said.

Museveni said unsafe traditional customs like circumcision were discouraged and only disposable syringes recommended to minimise chances of the spread of HIV/AIDS. He said as schools are a large catchment of the country's population, the Government had introduced a system whereby school children are sensitized twice in a month about guarding against HIV/AIDS.

Meanwhile, on Sunday Museveni received a special message from Tanzanian leader Benjamin Mkapa.

The message was delivered to Kisozi farm in Mpigi by Mkapa's special envoy, Mr. Jakaya Kikwete, who is also the Tanzanian minister of foreign affairs and international co-operation.

State House said Museveni and Kikwete discussed bilateral and regional matters.

They laid emphasis on the peace process in the DRC in light of the Cape Town Agreement signed in April 2003 between Uganda and Rwanda," a press release issued after the meeting said.

(File prepared 31 May 2003)