NEW VISION, Kampala, 7 August 2002.

Bagisu Circumcise Man, 30, in Public

Residents of Wabigalo, a suburb of Kampala, found an uncircumcised Mugisu man over 30 years of age. According to the eye witnesses, Wandeba had told people that he was a circumcised man, but his girlfriend, whom he had refused to pay for her goods, revealed this to the Bagisu.

The angry mob immediately started looking for Wandeba, whom they found in a nearby restaurant drinking beer. When the mob demanded the truth, Wandeba immediately pounced on one, forcing the angry mob to undress him.

According to an eye witness, Wandeba had tied his penis with a rubber band and his foreskin and the penis looked like a circumcised one. The angry mob quickly started singing Kadodi until they circumcised him infront of many onlookers. The mob immediately mobilised for money and gave him some while the rest was given to his girlfriend.

(File prepared 20 November 2002)