NEW YORK TIMES, November 3, 1975

Nov. 2, 1975

Family Is Awarded $850,000 for Circumcision Accident

Seattle, Nov. 1 (UPI)-- The family of a 3-year-old girl who was born a boy has been awarded $850,000 for medical malpractice during a circumcision.

The military doctor performing the operation when the baby was five months old burned the central area so badly during the circumcision, normally a routine operation, that specialists eventually advised changing the child's sex to female, testimony in the two-day trial this week before Judge Walter McGovern of Federal District Court revealed.

Judge McGovern, noting that the child had undergone eight operations to date and faced several more as she matured, expressed concern for the child and her parents in awarding damages.

The child received $750,000 of the judgement and the parents $100,000. Compensation also was ordered by Judge McGovern fo hte child's medical bills, which exceed $30,000.

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