San Francisco Examiner, Friday, November 28, 1986: Page B-17.

Parents charged

An unwed couple whose garbage-strewn apartment allegedly caused the death of their 15-day-old son have been charged with felony child endangerment and involuntary manslaughter, a Los Angeles prosecutor says. Lori Ann Needham, 20, and Christopher Tomas Chacon, 22, were charged Wednesday after the death of Steven Christopher Chacon, who died in his crib three days after being circumcised, Deputy District Attorney Kenneth Loveman said. He said the baby died from "exposure to filth," which infected the unhealed circumcision. Chacon, an auto mechanic, and Needham were originally booked for investigation of felony child endangerment and released on bail. But the additional involuntary manslaughter charge was filed Wednesday after further investigation, Loveman said."

(File prepared 04 May 2008)