SVENKSA DAGBLADET, Page 4, 01 October 2001.


Law on circumcision arouses protests

The new law on circumcision which comes into force on Monday has aroused reactions from around the whole world. Beginning October 1, circumcision of boys may only be performed by those who are doctors or have the necessary competence. The child must receive pain relief, and this must be given by a doctor or qualified nurse.

It is precisely the latter (requirement) that has provoked the strongest opposition among the world's Jewish communities, and the Swedish parliament has been accused of instituting the first law against Jewish religious practice since the Second World War.

In the Jewish tradition circumcision is performed by a mohel, a specially trained person who must be Jewish. A pain-relieving ointment is used for the operation. With the new law, both pain relief and medical personnel are required for the operation. (TT newsagency)

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