TIMES OF ZAMBIA, Ndola, Friday, December 29, 2006.

150 bags of fertiliser deal rebounds

By Times Reporter

POLICE in Mpongwe have arrested an officer from the ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, a businessman and a councillor for alleged theft of 150 bags of fertiliser meant for the Fertilizer Support Programme (FSP). Copperbelt Province police chief, Antoneill Mutentwa, said the trio had been charged with obtaining goods by false pretence. The trio is detained at Mpongwe police station pending trial. Mr Mutentwa, who confirmed the arrest of the three in an interview in Ndola yesterday, said police impounded a truck ferrying the fertiliser on December 3, 2006 at 16:00 hours at Ibenga check-point after a tip-off from members of the public. “Police received information that fertiliser meant for the Fertiliser Support Programme was diverted and was being transported to Luanshya,” he said. The agricultural officer was alleged to have sold 30 bags of Urea worth K2.4 million while the businessman, who is a member of Tobombeshi Cooperative Society, was alleged to have sold 40 bags of Compound D and Urea worth K2.8 million. The councillor was alleged to have sold 80 bags of Compound D and Urea worth K3.8 million.

In Kitwe, a 15-year-old boy of Nkana East township died after being circumcised. Both Kitwe district police chief, Dobson Siame and the boy’s father, Patrick Fwalanga, confirmed the death of the boy. Mr Siame said the doctor who conducted the circumcision on the boy had been arrested and was in police custody. Mr Fwalanga said he decided to take his three sons aged 17, 15 and 10 years for circumcision. However, around 16:00 hours when his sons went home the 15-year-old boy was already weak. “I can confirm that I took my three sons aged 17, 15 and 10 for circumcision. Two, who are aged 17 and 10 survived the circumcision, but the 15-year-old boy did not manage. He died on the way and was taken to the hospital already dead,” Mr Fwalanga said.


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