Checklist for Protection of Newborn Boys in Hospital

  1. Get the facts about circumcision early. Your obstetrician is NOT a disinterested and objective source of information because he/she stands to profit from the performance of a circumcision (genital cutting) surgical procedure.
  2. Determine if your child is/is not to be circumcised.
  3. Determine location of birth.
  4. Send a letter to attending physician. Click here for sample letter.
  5. Send a similar letter to the hospital administrator. Click here for sample letter.
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  7. Print a copy of this checklist to take with you to the hospital. Print a copy of NOHARMM Non-Circumcision Notification Form. Obtain Post-its® stickers and a marker or a suitable pen (such as felt tip) to make bold marks. Obtain Post-its® from office supply store. Take printed material, Post-its® stickers and marker or pen to the hospital with you.
  8. Be aware that circumcision consent forms are usually included with admission papers.
  9. Upon Admission write "NO CIRCUMCISION" across all forms in large block letters with marker or pen obtained for that purpose. Be careful to NOT execute Consent for Circumcision form. DO include completed NOHARMM Non-Circumcision Notification Form with papers.
  10. Exercise rooming in option, if available. Stick post-its marked "NO CIRCUMCISION" on your son's bassinet or crib. Keep your son in the sight of one parent or other trusted bodyguard at all times. Be aware that your newborn child is likely to be examined by a pediatrician or other physician while in hospital.
  11. Be prepared for the fact that you may be repeatedly pressured to sign a consent form by doctor and/or hospital staff. This is a psychological tactic designed to break down your resistance.
  12. If you and your son are healthy the best environment is that of your own home where you can fully enjoy the presence of your new intact baby son without concern for hospital-spread infections, errors, forcible foreskin retraction, or wrongful circumcision. If you have given birth in a hospital, try to return home as soon as possible.
  13. Consider using a Mothers Against Circumcision Intact Care Agreement after leaving hospital for protection of the infant during doctor visits.

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(Revised 27 May 2000)

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