Sample Letter to Attending Physician


The following is a sample letter that may be used to advise the attending physician of your intent. The letter may be signed by either parent or both parents. However, it would be in your best interests to have both parents and/or guardians sign the letter. The signature of both removes the legal argument that they carried out the intent of one parent.

This letter is a legal notification of your intent not to have your baby circumcised. It should be sent certified mail - return receipt requested. Go to the post office in advance and get a proof of mailing form. The nine digit number on the proof of mailing form may then be incorporated into the letter as it is in the sample below. Keep a copy of the letter. Attach the proof of mailing receipt to the copy. When the green receipt card is returned. Attach the green card to your copy of the letter and put it all in a file for safekeeping.

In the unlikely event that your son should be wrongfully circumcised this letter with the receipts attached may be produced in court as proof of notification. This can only strengthen your case.

Sample Letter

Mr. and Mrs. John Doe
123 Pine Street
City, State 12345

CERTIFIED MAIL #123 456 789

Month Day, Year

John Smith, M. D.
XYZ Obstetrical Group
1097 Elm Street
City, State 12345

Re: Protection of infant boy from circumcision

Dear Dr. Smith:

Mrs. Doe is your obstetrical patient. As you know she is expected to give birth on or about January 18, 1997. We are opposed to infant circumcision.

If the baby should be a boy, we do NOT wish him to be circumcised. Please advise all members of your group to respect our wishes.

Circumcision is a painful and damaging procedure. If a circumcision should be performed against our wishes, we would feel obligated to bring a suit on our son's behalf to recover damages for the significant pain and trauma suffered, the lifetime loss of protective, sexual, and erogenous function due to the surgical ablation of a large portion of the skin and mucosa of the penis, and including any other claims or actions which may arise either directly or indirectly from genital altering procedures.

Very truly yours,


John Doe


Mary Doe


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