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INDEX updated June 23, 1995

   ACOG.TXT     letter to the American College of Obstetricians
                and Gynecologists, from Warren F. Smith

   AFICIO.TXT   "Not a Circumcision Afficionado"  (Comments from a
                Danish woman)

   AGAINST.TXT  "The Case Against Circumcision"  (article)

   BOXER.TXT    "Young Boxer Dies After Circumcision Ceremony"

   BRONSANG.TXT  comments from a male circumcised at age 22

   CIRCHIV.TXT	 Medical journal citations re: Circumcision and HIV

   CIRCPAIN.TXT  Research from the Toronto Hospital For Sick Children
                 suggests circumcision may play a role in males later
                 decreased tolerance of pain.  (From the Toronto Star)

   CPS1.TXT      Circumcision in the Newborn Period
                 comments from the Canadian Paediatric Society

   CPS2.TXT      Benefits and Risks of Circumcision:  another view
                 from the Canadian Paediatric Society

   CPS3.TXT      position update, 1988
                 from the Canadian Paediatric Society

   DECLARAT.TXT  Declaration of the First International Symposium
                 on Circumcision

   DISEASE.TXT   AIDS Study -- Fact of Fiction

   DOCAGAIN.TXT  Doctors Against Circumcision
                 comments from physicians

   EDELL.TXT     comments from Dr. Dean Edell

   FATHER.TXT    An Appeal to Fathers

   GASTRIC.TXT   Gastric Rupture Associated with Prolonged Crying
                 in a Newborn Undergoing Circumcision

   HALT.TXT      Halt the Cruelest Cut of All

   HARASS.TXT    Circumcision - Form of Sexual Harassment (letter)

   INTACT.TXT    Circumcision Update:  A Message to Intact Males

   JAPAN.TXT     National Organization of Circumcision Information
                 Resource Centers (NOCIRC) of Japan Newsletter
                 February 1, 1993

   JAPAN2.TXT    NOCIRC of Japan Newsletter - March 1993

   JAPAN3.TXT    NOCIRC of Japan Newsletter - Feb. 22, 1993

   KINDEST.TXT   The Kindest Cut of All:  Circumcision for all
                 ages as Russian Jewish immigrants exercise
                 their rites  (article)

   LANDERS.TXT   letter to Ann Landers (from John H. Mark of the
                 Circumcision Information Resource Center of
                 Washington, DC) in response to an article
                 about circumcision

   MAYO.TXT      comments on circumcision from the
                 Mayo Clinic newsletter, October 1985

   METCALFE.TXT  Do You Favor Routine Neonatal Circumcision?
                 comments from Thomas Metcalfe, MD

   MOTHER.TXT    Naturally Uncircumcised:  comments and
                 experiences from readers
                 from Mothering Magazine

   NOCIRC.TXT    newsletter of NOCIRC (National Organization of
                 Circumcision Information Resource Centers)
                 Fall 1992

   POLICY.TXT    Doctors in Ontario draw up policy on female
                 circumcision   (article)

   PRISON.TXT    Circumcision (female) results in prison for
                 mother in France   (article)

   RESTLIST.TXT  Information on an Internet mailing list for
                 persons interested in foreskin restoration

   RESOURCE.TXT  listing of anti-circumcision and men's rights
                 resources  (organizations, reading materials...)

   RIGHTS.TXT    Circumcision -- A Medical or Human Rights Issue?

   SEXSURG.TXT   Sexual Surgery (info. on the history of)

   START.TXT     Circumcision -- The Unkindest Cut

   TALE.TXT      A Tale of the Head of the Cock
                 or, Child Abuse by Circumcision and liability
                 of parents, physicians and hospitals
                 by, Richard W. Morris (Attorney at Law)

   UNJUST.TXT    Circumcision Unjust  (article)

   UNNEC.TXT     Circumcision Unnecessary
                 commentary by George C. Denniston, MD

   UTI.TXT       Circumcision Update:  Circumcision Does Not
                 Lower the Incidence of Urinary Tract Infections

   VIOLENCE.TXT  Predisposition to violence found:  Can infant
                 circumcision lead to violence later in life?

   WISH.TXT      Infant Circumcision:  "What I wish I had known."


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