JOURNAL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION, Volume 79, Number 1: Pages 44-47,
January 1987.

Changes in amount and intracellular distribution of androgen receptor in human foreskin as a function of age.

Roehrborn CG, Lange JL, George FW, Wilson JD

To provide insight into the factors that control growth of the penis we measured the amount and intracellular distribution of specific high affinity androgen receptor in foreskins obtained at circumcision from 49 males varying in age from newborn to 59 yr. Total (cytosolic plus nuclear extract) androgen receptor decreased from approximately 40 fmol/g tissue weight in newborn foreskins to approximately 25 fmol/g by 1 yr of age. The amount of receptor rose in childhood to approximately 180 fmol/g in the late teenage years and fell thereafter to approximately 20-40 fmol/g in men older than 40 yr. The amount of receptor in the nuclear fraction increased at the time of puberty and subsequently decreased in parallel with the decline in total receptor level. These changes in androgen-receptor amount are similar when expressed per milligram DNA or per milligram protein.

PMID: 3491838, UI: 87083960

(File revised 6 March 2007)

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