ANDROLOGIA (Germany), Volume 31, Supplement 1: Pages 13-16.

Mycotic infections of the penis.

Mayser P

Center of Dermatology and Andrology,
Justus Liebig University,
Giessen, Germany.

Balanitis/balanoposthitis caused by Candida albicans is the most frequent mycotic infection of the penis. Its incidence is increasing and it seems to be primarily transmitted by sexual intercourse. Although the groin is a common site for tinea, dermatophytic infections of the penis are rare. Penile involvement in systemic mycosis is usually a sign of severe disease. In immunocompromised individuals, nearly every fungal agent may cause the disease. It normally presents as ulceration, and biopsy and culture can help to confirm the diagnosis. In most cases, superficial infections of the penis respond satisfactorily to local antifungal treatment, especially if provovatice factors and the possibility of sexual transmission are considered. Systemic treatment is recommended in cases of widespread dermatophytic infection, candidosis or systemic mycosis.

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PMID: 10643513 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

(File revised 11 June 2006)