JOURNAL OF UROLOGY, Volume 114, Number 5: Pages 773-5,
November 1975.

Balanitis xerotica obliterans in children.

McKay DL Jr, Fuqua F, Weinberg AG

Balanitis xerotica obiterans is a chronic inflammatory process in male subjects, resulting in sclerotic epithelial changes of the glans penis, prepuce and urethral meatus individually or collectively. Four pediatric cases are presented, including the first case of balanitis xerotica obiterans invloving the glans penis and urethral meatus in a child. This lesion may be misdiagnosed or ignored in the young boy. The suggested method of treatment is surgical extirpation of the lesion when possible, wedge meatotomy when needed and sublesional corticosteroids if the lesion cannot be completely excised.

(File revised 6 February 2008)

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