BJU INTERNATIONAL, Volume 92, Issue 4: Page 459-462,
September 2003.

Triple incision to treat phimosis in children: an alternative to circumcision?

Ch. Fischer-Klein and M. Rauchenwald

Department of Urology, General Hospital, St. Poelten, Austria.


To evaluate the functional and cosmetic results and patient satisfaction after triple incision plasty for phimosis in children.


The study included 197 boys who had a triple incision for phimosis (mean age 5.8 years, range 0.25-18). The indications for preputial surgery were recurrent balanoposthitis, ballooning during micturition and severe phimotic stenosis. The results after surgery were assessed using a questionnaire about the child's/parent's satisfaction, and an outpatient follow-up examination for functional and cosmetic preputial appearance.


Of 128 parents/children responding, 108 (84%) were satisfied with the function and 102 (80%) reported a good cosmetic outcome. Triple incision as preputioplasty would be recommended to other parents by 119 (93%) respondents. Ninety-one (71%) of the parents feared disadvantages in their son's later life if the child had been circumcised. The outpatient examination showed an excellent functional and cosmetic outcome in 71 (77%) of the children.


Triple incision is a simple, fast and safe technique for preputial relief, with good functional and cosmetic results, and was well accepted by the patients.

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