MONATSSCHRIFT KINDERHEILKUNDE, Volume 134, Number 11: Pages 824-825,
November 1986.

Conservative therapy of phimosis [Article in German]

Lang K

"Worldwide in about ten percent of boys general circumcision is performed.

The motivations are religious or other rites and ethnic customs, but no scientific medical indication exist for this intervention, even not the small group with inborn phimosis. For these until now only the surgical way is given by circumcision.

In 56 cases of boys before puberty with severe phimosis 53 could be completely cured by combined parenteral HCG and local Corticoid treatment within 4-6 weeks. The longtime follow up study did not show any later side effect. The therapeutic scheme is given."

PMID: 3807924, UI: 87115528

[CIRP Note: This is the first report in the medical literature of the use of topical steroid ointment to treat phimosis in boys. It is, therefore, historic in nature.]

(File revised 21 January 2008)

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