BJU INTERNATIONAL, Volume 84 Number 1: Pages 101-102,
July 1999.

The incidence of phimosis in boys.

Shankar KR, Rickwood AM

Department of Paediatric Urology,
Alder Hey Children's Hospital,
Liverpool, UK.

OBJECTIVE: To establish the incidence of pathological phimosis in boys.

PATIENTS AND METHODS: A 2-year review of circumcisions was performed for phimosis among a known population of boys, with the histological findings of the circumcision specimens assessed.

RESULTS: Sixty-two boys (all but one aged 5-14 years) had typical pathological (cicatrizing) phimosis and among the 51 circumcision specimens examined histologically, 43 (84%) showed appearances of balanitis xerotica obliterans. During the same period, 30 boys were circumcised for developmental unretractability of the foreskin (`physiological phimosis').

CONCLUSIONS: The incidence of pathological phimosis in boys was 0.4 cases/1000 boys per year, or 0.6% of boys affected by their 15th birthday, a value lower than previous estimates and exceeded more than eight-fold by the proportion of English boys currently circumcised for `phimosis'.

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