Scandinavian Journal of Urology and Nephrology 1992, Volume 26, Number 2, Pages 107-110.

"Triple incision plasty." A convenient procedure for preputial relief

Wahlin N

Department of Pediatric Surgery, University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden.

Circumcision is the accepted operation to treat phimosis. However, when the purpose is to achieve retractility of a narrow foreskin to avoid further scarring and phimotic development after recurrent balanitis, a preputial plasty might be sufficient. Several methods with single or multiple incisions have been introduced throughout the years. None of them seems to have gained general acceptance. Single plasties tend to give cosmetically unsatisfactory results with an apparent cleft or deformity, while the multiple ones, where the deformity is more or less spread around the circumference, are not always easily done, at least not in children. Still, circumcision seems to remain the standard procedure for preputial relief. A simple technique, where three longitudinal incisions are transversely sutured, is described. It has been used in a series of 63 consecutive patients with good results, and seems to offer a good compromise between simplicity and cosmetical demands.

(File revised 30 May 2012)

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