PO Box 460795
                                                San Francisco CA 94146-0795
                                                30 January 1997

Mr. Edward P. Zimmermann
Director, Div. of Physician Payment Systems
American Academy of Pediatrics
PO Box 927
Elk Grove Village IL  60009-0927

Dear Mr. Zimmermann,

I'm aware that Marilyn Milos, R.N., has provided you with recently-published medical literature on neonatal circumcision intended for the newly-formed AAP Task Force on Circumcision. One important aspect that has been neglected by the medical community is the adverse outcomes to men later in life. Accordingly, I enclose a copy of Awakenings, a report of findings from a preliminary poll of 313 circumcised men regarding the long-term consequences of this practice.

While the report profiles a self-selected population, each of the more than 500 forms collected to date reflects the experiences of a man affected by adverse physical, sexual or psychological consequences of circumcision. Most of these circumcisions were not ``botched jobs,'' but surgeries that met the ``standard of care.''

Several men's studies consistently indicate that 20% or more of non-intact men are dissatisfied with their circumcision (see synopsis). Awakenings provides insight into why thousands of circumcised American men are dissatisfied, and their motivations for regaining their genital integrity through non-surgical skin expansion techniques. It also sheds light on why many circumcised men, until now, have hesitated to reveal their harm. The report is a long overdue but important foundation for further scientific investigation.

Over one-third of survey respondents wish to give testimony about the consequences they suffer from circumcision. In addition to supplying the enclosed report, I request a meeting between the Task Force Committee and a small group of men who can articulately convey the adverse effects of this surgical genital alteration.

I also encourage the AAP to address the following vital issues in order to produce a comprehensive report:

(*) These are not outside the purview of the Task Force, since the AAP has already demonstrated interest in adult health by considering neonatal circumcision as prophylaxis for penile cancer in older men and cervical cancer in their sexual partners.

I look forward to your response.

In unity or the children, (signed)

Tim Hammond, Founder