JOURNAL OF SURGERY AND ONCOLOGY, Volume 37, Number 2: Pages 80-83,
February 1988.

Post-circumcision carcinoma of the penis: II. Surgical management.

Bissada NK

Department of Surgery (Urology),
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre,
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Post-circumcision penile carcinoma is a unique clinical entity that occurs in circumcision scars on the penile shaft. Excision is the only effective treatment. Surgical excision must be tailored to the wide spectrum of disease extension. While some primary tumors can be controlled by standard penectomy, others may require much more extensive resection while some can be adequately controlled without sacrificing the urethra or the corpora. Those who had a conservative operation for less extensive disease had the best results.

(File revised 31 October 2006)

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