BRITISH JOURNAL OF UROLOGY, Volume 62, Number 6: Pages 390-592,
December 1988.

Urethral strictures in childhood.

Frank JD, Pocock RD, Stower MJ.

Department of Paediatric Surgery and Urology,
Royal Hospital for Sick Children,

Thirty-six children have been treated for a non-hypospadiac urethral stricture. Of 12 patients with meatal or submeatal stenosis, 10 had undergone circumcision for balanitis xerotica obliterans. The strictures were successfully treated by meatoplasty or meatal dilatation. Twenty-four children had a more proximal urethral stricture: 16 were caused by urethral catheterisation, 4 were post-traumatic, 2 were congenital and 2 were idiopathic. Sixteen children were treated by visual urethrotomy; this was successful in 12 after a maximum of 2 urethrotomies. Two children required 4 or more urethrotomies and 2 required urethroplasty for restricturing. Seven children were treated by a formal urethroplasty. There were no complications. Two patients died of unrelated medical conditions. Follow-up was for a mean of 2 years.

PMID: 3219514 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

(File revised 5 February 2007)