UROLOGY, Volume 8, Number 5: Pages 472-474,
November 1976.

Iatrogenic microphallus secondary to circumcision.

Levitt SB, Smith RB, Ship AG

Three cases of apparent microphallus secondary to overzealous circumcision are presented. Proper diagnosis avoids unnecessary diagnostic studies. Moreover, a good functional and cosmetic result is virtually assured with appropriate resurfacing and thick split thickness skin grafting of the penile shaft. The best treatment would appear to be prevention of the complication by adequate instruction to personnel doing routine circumcisions.

PMID: 790749 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

CIRP Comment: This complication could better be avoided by not performing medically-unnecessary non-therapeutic (routine) circumcision. This is a more appropriate and ethical solution for the 21st century.

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