AMERICAN JOURNAL OF DISEASES OF THE CHILD, Volume 132, Number 12: Pages 1189-91,
December 1978.

Fournier's Syndrome

Report of Three Cases and Review of the Literature

Sydney J. Sussman, MD; Ruth P. Schiller, MD; V. L. Shashikumar, MD

  • Three children, aged 9 days, 3 weeks, and 9 1/2 months, were treated for Fournier's syndrome. The portals of entry for a miscellaneous group of pathogens included a circumcision in the first, a circumcision and a diaper rash in the second, and a hot water burn in the third. The development of the condition after a circumcision is noteworthy because it is an extremely common surgical procedure. Medical and minor surgical treatment of the gangrenous areas during the period of rapid healing was successful. This approach contrasts with those researchers who recommend grafts. All three children survived, although one died three years later of complications from the original burn, and in another, one testicle could not be palpated after healing.
   (Am J Dis Child 132:1189-1191, 1978)

    From the Department of Pediatrics, Cooper Medical Center, Rutgers Medical School, Camden, NJ (Dr Sussman), and the Department of Pediatrics, St Christopher's Hospital for Children, Temple Medical School, Philadelphia (Drs Schiller and Shashikumar).
    Reprint requests to Department of Pediatrics, Cooper Medical Center, Sixth and Seventh Sts, Camden, NJ 08103 (Dr Sussman).

(File revised 13 February 2005)

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