66 Infants with Urinary Tract Infection in First Month of Life

Archives of Disease in Childhood, Volume 47, Issue 252: Pages 218-226, April 1972.


From Seacroft Hospital, Leeds

Littlewood, J. M. (1972). Archives of Disease in Childhood, 47, 218. 66 infants with urinary tract infection in first month of life.


Sixty-six newborn infants with urinary tract infection are described. The wide variation in clinical manifestations is stressed as an explanation for the variety of clinical descriptions, inciden, and prognosis and suggested as an explanation for the variety of clinical descriptions noted by previous authors. The condition commonly presents on the sixth or seventh day, there is no seasonal incidence, boys are affected more frequently than girls. There was a correlation with maternal infection, perinatal anoxia and birthweight either below or above the normal range. Unsatisfactory weight progress, lethagy, and anorexia were the most frequent clinical signs. The overall mortality was 11% and further infection occurred in 37% of girls and in 10% of boys. A clinical classification for the condition is suggested.

Correspondence to Dr. J. M. Littlewood, Seacroft Hospital, York Road, Leeds LS14 6UH.

Received 6 October 1971.


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