Liability for medical malpractice in connection with performance of circumcision


75 ALR4th 710


By Jay M. Zitter, J.D.

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The American Law Reports are an aid for lawyers who are contemplating litigation. This file contains the table of contents and the index of the portion relating to medical malpractice in connection with male circumcision. Lawyers contemplating litigation in connection with male circumcision are directed to a law library to see the complete text and latest supplement.


   § 1. Introduction
      [a] Scope
      [b] Related matters

   § 2. Summary and comment
      [a] In general
      [b] Practice pointers


   § 3. Inadequacy of warning of danger of circumcision device

   § 4. Lack of informed consent
      [a] To perform circumcision
      [b] To perform vasectomy during circumcision operation
      [c] To remove diseased penile tissue during circumcision operation

   § 5. Performance of circumcision in improper manner
      [a] Generally
      [b] Cutting urethra during operation
      [c] Using unfamiliar or modified technique
      [d] Improper injection
      [e] Improper use of circumcision device

   § 6. Inadequacy of postoperative care and treatment

   § 7. Inadequacy of medical school's instruction of resident

   § 8. Inadequacy of medical school's supervision of resident



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