GRAP repair: single-stage reconstruction of hypospadias as an out-patient procedure

British Journal of Urology, Volume 71, Issue 2: Pages 226-229, February 1993.

Gilpin D, Clements WD, Boston VE.

Northern Ireland Paediatric Surgical Service

A novel repair of the distal urethra with glanular and preputial reconstruction is described for distal penile hypospadias; 52 consecutive patients underwent this procedure without catheter splintage or urinary diversion. All voided without problems on the day of operation; 44 (85%) were treated as day cases, while the remaining 8 boys stayed in hospital for at least 1 night post-operatively for reasons not associated with the operation. Follow-up was complete and ranged from 15 to 30 months (mean 18). There was no evidence of meatal stenosis, phimosis or urethral stricture; 26 boys (50%) had associated chordee pre-operatively which was incompletely corrected in 2 (8%). These have a minor degree of chordee of glans on penile shaft and neither has required further treatment. Four boys (8%) developed partial wound breakdown which necessitated reconstruction in 2 and both of these have now been treated successfully. Functional and cosmetic results are excellent.


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