Premature Ejaculation and Circumcision

Scandinavian Journal of Sexology, Volume 2, Issue 4: Page 103

BIOGENIC OR A CULTURAL FACTOR"); p("VISSING M"); p("Premature ejaculation (PE) seems to be the most common male sexual dysfunction world-wide. Reports from the Middle East, India and Asia show a much higher incidence of PE than in the western world. In these areas the vast majority of men have had a ritual circumcision. In our clinic we also found a significantly higher incidence of PE in men from these parts of the world."); p("Is it a biogenic factor due to circumcision or a psychogenic disorder due to cultural differences?"); p("We investigated penile sensitivity with TSA 2001 Thermal Analyzer (cold / warm and tactile sensation) in normal men and and with PE who had a ritual circumcision and in non-circumcised men. The literature will be discussed and the results presented."); p("Correspondence:
" . elink("">Institute of clinical sexology") . "
" . elink("","Rigshospitalet") . "
Copenhagen Denmark"); hr(); Citation:

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