AIDS organizations petition to AAP

The following petition was sent to Robert E. Hannemann, Maurice E. Keenan, Joe M. Sanders, Jr., and William Oh, all of the AAP, on 16 October 1996. It was signed by 26 professional AIDS educators.

This is an ongoing initiative. We are seeking help in signing up more AIDS professionals so that we can resubmit the petition to the AAP. See below for details if you are interested.

Petition to the Task Force on Circumcision
of the American Academy of Pediatrics

As people concerned with AIDS education and awareness, we would like to discourage the American Academy of Pediatrics from promoting routine circumcision as an AIDS prevention strategy. We do not consider routine circumcision to be a valid or effective measure to prevent HIV transmission.

While some have claimed a link between circumcision status and HIV transmission, current research is inconclusive, with more studies reporting no relationship between circumcision status and HIV transmission. In many cases, research is flawed or the findings are within statistical margins of error.

Portraying routine circumcision as an effective means of AIDS prevention distracts the public from the task of avoiding the behaviors proven to contribute to HIV transmission, and may (risks) create a false sense of security among circumcised men and their partners.

We urge the Task Force on Circumcision to affirm that circumcision is not an effective AIDS prevention strategy.

Please add my name to the above petition to be presented to the Task Force on Circumcision of The American Academy of Pediatrics.

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This petition is an initiative of John Antonopoulos (InfoCirc Montreal), Richard DeSeabra (NORM NY), Barry Ellsworth (NYCIRC), Martin Novoa (NOHARMM), and Robert S. Van Howe M.D., with support from Marilyn Milos R.N. (NOCIRC) and George C. Denniston M.D. (DOC)

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