Phimosis can be treated with local steroids

p("TIDSSKRIFT FOR DEN NORSKE LAEGEFORENING (Norway), Volume 117, Number 4: Pages 513-514,
February 10, 1997."); p("[Article in Norwegian]
Ruud E, Holt J
" . elink("","Nordland Sentralsykehus") . ",
Bodø."); p(");
p("The effectiveness of topical steroid application in relieving phimosis was studied in 41 boys treated with a potent steroid ointment. 35 patients showed improvement initially but in 12 of them the phimosis recurred completely and in seven of them partly. There was significantly less recurrence in the patients who improved within one month. Most of the families were satisfied with the treatment. We recommend topical steroids as first treatment of choice for phimosis, when treatment is necessary."); PMID: 9148449
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