HUMANISTIC JUDAISM, Volume 16 Number 3: Pages 14-20.

                    Questioning Circumcision: 

          "The Ultimate Taboo Among American Jews"

     "When I began to question the practice of circumcision among
American Jews, to say that I had no idea of what a great taboo it
was would be an understatement. Coming from a European background
where routine circumcisions as practiced in most American
hospitals are nonexistent, and where many Jews reject brit milla
as an archaic and barbaric ritual, I simply assumed that the
Jewish community had divergent approaches on this issue just as
with every other aspect of Judaism. I was stunned to realize that
questioning this ritual is the ultimate taboo among American
Jews… . The extent of the repression surrounding this issue
is astounding. Anyone who dares to question the brit milla is
angrily silenced, laughed at, lightly dismissed, or labelled  a
traitor undermining Judaism."

     A Mother Questions Brit Milah, by Nelly Karsenty. 14
references. Humanistic Judaism, 1988; 16(3): 14-20.

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