Sex As Nature Intended It

by Kristen O'Hara (with Jeffrey O'Hara)

Published by: Turning Point Publications, PO Box 486, Hudson MA 01749, USA

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Publisher's description:

Discusses sex, love, and relationship happiness from a new and surprising
perspective: How does surgical alteration of the penis in infancy
(circumcision) affect the sexuality of a man when he becomes an adult? How
does the circumcised penis affect the sexual pleasure of the woman on the
receiving end? And how does sexual pleasure during intercourse—or a
deficiency—affect the love bond of the relationship?

This landmark book is the first to detail the many sexual functions and
benefits of the male foreskin for both the man and his female partner.

Presents unequivocal evidence that the foreskin plays a multifaceted role
during intercourse that not only promotes increased sexual pleasure, but
this enhanced pleasure also serves to enrich and continually re-cement the
love bond, borne from sexual union.

Circumcision's removal of the foreskin (ultra-erogenous tissue and the
penis's only moving part) alters the penis's functioning and diminishes the
man's sexual pleasure as well as the woman's.

A national survey of women, conducted by the author, reveals that
circumcision abnormalizes the way the penis thrusts and feels to a woman,
significantly diminishing her sexual enjoyment and her ability to achieve
orgasm from intercourse.

The book's explanations of the profound negative effects circumcision has on
the intercourse experience of both partners will surely leave America
stunned. But luckily, there is a bright side to this shocking news: It is
now possible to restore the foreskin through various non-surgical
techniques. The book addresses this topic and enwraps the emerging movement
for foreskin restoration with hope, promise, and dignity.

Review from

Outstanding book – I loved it., October 20, 2001
Reviewer: John Hammett from Miami, Florida

The author, Kristen O'Hara, conducted a study that was published in a
prestigious international medical journal. The results of this unique
survey, which posed sexual questions never-before-asked in the circumcision
controversy, forms the basis for one of the book's most thought-provoking

But even without this study, the book's explanations on how the sex organs
function as generators of sexual pleasure, and how circumcision adversely
affects the intercourse experience of both partners, are convincing enough
in their own right and make sound, logical sense. That, to me, is what is
most impressive about this book.

Anyone even remotely interested in sexuality should find it fascinating! It
will open your eyes to the importance of sexuality in connecting a man and
woman together with love. It has passion, humor and wit, and most of all, it
pursues truth.

The book seems to be catching on because it's a hot subject on the internet
(which is how I found out about it). Kristen
challenges the practice of infant circumcision, and she makes a compelling
argument for abandoning it.

Most of the world's people do not practice circumcision. If you'd like to
find out why, I recommend that you read this book! If you want to understand
how to maximize your own sexual pleasure and relationship happiness, you
definitely want to read this book!!

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